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Immortalize the love of your pet with us

Our mission is to be able to capture each animal's unique personality so that moments of joy will be remembered forever. 

We photograph more than just images, we capture the timeless essence of your beloved pet so they can be remembered with love. 

My dear cocker Giuly, who has much inspired me has already passed away, that's why we know the reason it is so important to have good records of the best moments of their lives. 

Mine biggest inpiration: Giuly (1994 - 2014)

Immerse yourself into the stories of who've been at Pet Photos 

Restoring happiness with the little and hero Azura. 

Resignifying love with Belinha.

Zoe: love on four paws.

Commercial photography



An amazing experience that is super worth it! She is very careful, affectionate and knowledgeable about pets, even my SRD, which is connected to 220V, looked like a princess in the photos. I highly recommend! 



Elayne, I have no words to thank for the delicacy, care, attention and professionalism in this very special moment, when Victor completes 1 year of life. What a wonderful surprise to get to know your work, and I'm sure I'll take it with me for life! I am looking forward to my pet's next birthdays. Thanks for everything! 



Amazing photo shooting! We were super comfortable with the photographer Elayne, a cozy and super comfortable place. The experience is worth it. She does pet and people photography as well! 


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